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Book Review: The Cat of Muritaro

Book Review: The Cat of Muritaro

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 Tales of Horror reap high marks
Critic: Dr Glenville Ashby
The Cat of Muritaro is a compilation of eight fantastical tales culled from the belly of Caribbean folklore. Peter Halder, a former journalist pens a fast-paced, gnashing and melodramatic oeuvre that will terrorise the young and innocent while tantalising the curiosity of occult
Although the setting is Christianburg, Alberttown and Stabroek in British Guiana, the phantasmagoria belongs to every Caribbean folk who was spoon-fed with characters of the spirit world. Admittedly, this book is not for everyone. Some shy away from this genre for obvious reasons. But experience has taught me that the supernatural is part of the Caribbean archetype.
Hadler speaks to the reader in the vein of the griot, making ‘Muritaro’ a part of our oral tradition. His prose is lucid and unencumbered with the extraneous detail and flattery of creative writing. In the same breath it can be faulted for being a tad short on suspense, and light on the flavourful Guyanese argot that generates richness and authenticity.   Continue reading


Quintessence of Light – Part Two

Quintessence of Light – Part Two

By Peter Halder

     Albert Charter was in a good frame of mind the following Friday. He worked overtime in Demba Machine Shop that week and his pay packet was bulging. He crossed the river on a Dutchy boat, walked to Eytle Cook Shop and had a callaloo  cook-up rice with pickled pigtail, salt beef, tripe and well-fried fried bangamary.

He walked quickly home and took a brief rest. He awoke feeling great and had a bath. He put some green, perfume scented brilliantine in his hair and combed in with a part on the right. He donned his multi-coloured sports shirt, decorated with pictures of beautiful dancing girls on it,a blue corduroy pants, blue trick socks and his black Bata dancing shoes. He was ready for the Recreation Hall that night and longing to see Dorothy Bunyan again. For Albert it was not a case of once bitten twice shy, it was a case of once bitten, his turn to bite back.    Continue reading

The Quintessence of Light – Part One

The Quintessence of Light – Part One

by Peter Halder

     Albert Charter was having a great time at the Dance at the Recreation Hall. He danced, he drank and he wooed Dorothy Bunyan. He accompanied her home when she was ready to leave at 11.30 p.m. “I’ve to work tomorrow although it is a Saturday so I have to get home early,”she explained.

Albert and Dorothy walked hand in hand along Arvida Road and turned right at Greenheart Street. They soon reached her home.

“This is where I live with my parents. Goodnight Albert. Thanks for a great time at the dance. You’re a good dancer.”

“No big ting. It was my pleasure,” said Albert put his hand around her waist and said quietly, “look into my eyes and tell me what you see.”     Continue reading



 by Peter Halder

      Uncle Big Man worked in the Machine Shop at the Demerara Bauxite Company, Mackenzie, Upper Demerara River.

Everyone knew him as Uncle Big Man and very few knew that his real name was Archibald Penassolein.

He was over six feet tall, with thin arms and thin legs. His tummy was more of a protuberance than a belly. His face was long and narrow with an angled, jutting jaw. The skin on his bald head was furrowed and his eyebrows were thick. His nose was long and flat, like that of a gorilla. His lips were long and pendulous. His eyes were like tiny pieces of coal. Several lines furrowed his high forehead, His skin was the same colour as Kiwi Black Shoe Polish.

The ghastly looking man wore the same shirt and pants almost every day, washing them overnight.    Continue reading

The Chinese In Guyana

The Chinese In Guyana

By Peter Halder


    African slavery provided free labor for the sugar industry in what was then British Guiana. Slavery was abolished in 1834. The freed slaves jubilantly left the plantations and the inhuman treatment meted out to them to seek a new future of their own choosing. That created a vacuum in the sugar industry and an immediate need and demand for cheap labor. The plantocracy in collaboration with the colonial administration first brought Portuguese from Madeira, Portugal. They were found to be unsuitable. They were replaced by Chinese from Canton in China.

 Chinese Arrival

    January 12, 2013 marked the 160th Anniversary of the arrival of Chinese in Guyana.      Continue reading

POEMS- by Peter Halder

POEMS- by Peter Halder

THE PRINCE OF PEACE – by Peter Halder

A lusty cry of birth was heard
Throughout the world that night
In Bethlehem was born Our Lord
In a manger filled with light

Heavenly stars lit up the night
Lowly shepherds awed at the sight
The Heav’nly Host sang Hallelujah
At the birth of Christ, Our Saviour

Divine blessings filled the air
To one and all came Holy cheer
Goodwill to men, peace and love
His birth brought us from above   Continue reading

WORDS OF WISDOM – By Peter Halder


             By Peter Halder

 Abandon dismay and hold on to hope.

Abide with honesty, you will walk with angels.

An able man travels on the road to prosperity.

If you are aboard the ship of life, your journey will have a destination.

Be above deceit and dilemmas will fly away.

Never be absolute, just be resolute in doing the right thing.

Be abundant in doing good and you shall wear a crown of gold.

An academic finds faults, a simple man finds pleasure.

To accept everything you’re told is to believe in nothing.

Hold to account all that tread life’s path.

Your heart may ache but brain ache is worse.

Your life is not made rich by how much you achieve but by what you do with your achievements.   Continue reading