WORDS OF WISDOM – By Peter Halder


             By Peter Halder

 Abandon dismay and hold on to hope.

Abide with honesty, you will walk with angels.

An able man travels on the road to prosperity.

If you are aboard the ship of life, your journey will have a destination.

Be above deceit and dilemmas will fly away.

Never be absolute, just be resolute in doing the right thing.

Be abundant in doing good and you shall wear a crown of gold.

An academic finds faults, a simple man finds pleasure.

To accept everything you’re told is to believe in nothing.

Hold to account all that tread life’s path.

Your heart may ache but brain ache is worse.

Your life is not made rich by how much you achieve but by what you do with your achievements.  

Be adamant when you are right but be sure you are right.

Adapt to life’s changes, you will  climb the ladder of success.

Admit when you do wrong and you will always do what is right.

Adore life, it is  beautiful despite the bumps along the way.

Living is an adventure, enjoy its ups and its downs

When you buy a good book, knowledge is the price you pay for it.

Age is  a statistic, only furniture get old.

Be alert, for opportunity may not knock twice.

Being alive is one thing but being alive to happiness and success is another.

Your path in life may be an alley but don’t make  it into a gutter.

Allow light in your life, shut out the darkness.

It is better to have an enemy as an ally than an ally who is an enemy.

To be alone is to be blind to the laws of nature.

Alter your course when destruction is in sight.

Amuse yourself while you may, sorrow may come another day.

Understanding, forgiveness and charity anchor your mind and soul.

Anger affects almost every part of your body so why be ill.

For every question there is an answer but every answer may not have a question.

Be somebody, not anybody.

Apathy is the road to failure.

Making an apology is gilding friendship and trust.

Appear smart even though you are smarter.

Never assume anything and you will not be let down.

Attitude is everything not just a posture.

Avert problems and the sun will shine on your life.

Be an avid reader and you will drink from the fountain of knowledge.

If you are awake, fortune will not pass you by.

Be aware of all that’s around you or you may end up in quicksand.

Hold in awe all that is good and  evil will flee from you.

A bachelor is a rolling stone that gathers moss.

Kind words are a balm to a troubled man.

When in a bar, be careful what you say,liquor has ears.

Lay bare the facts, not your soul.

Fill your barn with learning and knowledge and you will be a wealthy man.

A barren mind is never pregnant with ideas.

Be a bastion of good, not of evil.

A battle is never won by sitting on the fence.

You can only be a beacon if you have a light to shine.

Be busy as a bee but don’t waste the honey of your toil.

Make every effort to be a popular bean, not a has been.

You will be a beggar if you just sit and envy the idle rich.

To win a race you must begin it.

Believe in yourself, it’s the first step on the ladder of success.

Benefit is achieved through dedication and hard work.

To be the best at anything you must first desire it.

Never betray a trust or a friend, it will hover like a dark cloud over you.

Bide your time, don’t be rash, act when success is in the offing.

The bird sees us from above and wonders why we have no wings.

When you bite it and can’t chew it, let it go.

Everything that tastes bitter is not bad.

When everyone else is to blame and not you, think again.

You may turn a blind eye to everything bad but open them to your own faults.

Everyone admires the blossom but not the root which makes it bloom.

Be blunt when it suits the situation.

Boast and brag when you are alone.

Be bold but not stupid.

The same bolt that locks others out, locks you in.

A good book is also a good friend.

Borrow only if you can pay back with interest.

A bottle of wine is more well-known than its cork.

A brain without knowledge is an empty vessel that makes much sound.

Bend but never break, admit when you make a mistake.

A breath of fresh air fills your lungs with new hope.

A new broom sweeps in light as well as in gloom.

We see light but ignore the bulb until it fails.

Bury the hatchet and build a monument there, lest we forget.

Button your lips when you have nothing good to say.

Things that are bitter are not all bad.

If life is like a cabaret, learn how to dance.

Don’t look for an egg where the chicken cackles.

The cactus has thorns but it serves a purpose.

A cage is not a home, it’s a prison.

A callous person does not have friends.

The camel has a hump but it does not bother him.

You can accomplish many things but only if you try.

A candid man makes friends, but also many enemies.

You only need a candle when there is darkness.

Be the driver of your car along the highway of life.

A career chosen early paves the way to a successful future.

Care prevents a fall and arms you with charity.

Cast not you mind in concrete, feel free to change it.

A casual approach is the path to failure.

Be cautious but not cowardly.

You are the center of your own life but not of all around you.

Chance offers no guarantee.

Change is inevitable but not necessarily for the best.

Charm is like a photograph, there is also a negative to it.

Talk may be cheap but slander is expensive.

Celebrate when you arrive, not when you start.

A chip on the shoulder may hide a warm heart.

Choice is a right but choose wisely.

If your life moves around in a circle, you will soon feel dizzy.

A cocky manner is fit for a farm.

The world is a colony with different Governments which exercise power, but not governing is the  dilemma.

A comely person will go far but often, not far enough.

To compare an apple with an orange is food for taste.

Some tasks are easy, people make them complex.

Conceit leads a person to believe he is what he is not.

Condemn not and you shall not be condemned for it is human to err.

It takes two to cause a conflict.

Conquer your fears and you will avoid pitfalls.

Consider everything and your decision will be wise, don’t and you will regret.

Conspire to do only that which is good.

Be constructive not destructive, create and not destroy.

Be content but do not let it cloud your desire for wealth.

Avoid controversy, it is a staple of conflict and tragedy.

Cream is a treat, it’s a pity the cow does not know.

Every crisis has a solution, knowing it may be easy, doing it is the difficult part.

Crowing about one’s self  makes friends in a farm yard.

Dance with the Devil and evil will be your partner.

A wise man sees danger, a foolish man sees nothing.

They who dare, achieve the most.

The dead see nothing, the live often see even less.

Be deaf to bad advice, be attentive to that which is good.

Deal from the bottom and you will be a low life.

Deceit gains you nothing but shame and misfortune.

Decide on your goals or you will lose the game.

Deed must match word or you will be an empty vessel.

Defend your honor, its worth more than gold.

A delay is sometimes for the best.

Delight in what you do and what you do will be a delight.

Delude others but never yourself.

Deny the truth and face ruin.

The depth of a man is his character.

When the devil in you comes out, exorcize it.

When you dig a hole for someone else, make sure you don’t fall into it yourself.

Be direct when you don’t have to travel in a circle.

A disappointment is a missing step, not the entire stairway.

Disarm your tongue and you will not go far.

Discipline is the foundation of success.

Do what you must but not always what you may.

You may be down but never be downtrodden.

When life is a drain, keep your mind clean.

A dress attracts attention when it is a perfect fit.

Drown yourself in the present and future, not the past.

When you beat your own drum,make sure the music is pleasing.

Be an eager beaver but don’t build dams where there is no water.

When the eagle soars high, it is all  alone.

An early career decision prevents an aimless future.

Be the voice, not the echo.

Education is a treasure and wealth its chest.

Making the effort is the first step to success.

Emancipate your mind and your life will be a delight.

Embrace learning and knowledge and you will be healthy, wealthy and wise.

Your mind is the empire of your being.

An empty brain is like an addled egg, it smells.

The end may be just the beginning.

Enough may be satisfying to some but not to all.

Enrich yourself with good thoughts and good things will follow.

Envy is a sin but not if it makes you improve yourself.

Seek to esteem yourself before showering it on others.

Every day is not the same as yesterday.

Evil begets evil, do good and rejoice.

Examine yourself first before you condemn others.

Expand your horizon and your future will not be limited.

Extend charity and you will be twice blessed.

If you make your life a fable, be sure it has a happy ending.

Your mind is the fabric of your being.

Face difficulties with a strong will and courage to overcome them.

A fact is a fact but there are also true facts and untrue facts.

Failure does not mean defeat.

Fair weather and cloudy weather are all part of the same atmosphere.

When you fall, make sure you pick yourself up and move on.

Aspire to fame when the going is good.

Family is the basis of society, ensure its foundations are strong.

It is better to win fame than to be just famous.

Fancy this and fancy if you can afford it.

Fantasy is an oasis that has water you cannot drink.

Your fault may be of your own choosing or making.

Not every favor should be granted.

Fear increases knowledge but being fearless invites peril.

When you attend a feast walk with a hungry stomach.

Never be feeble in both body and in mind.

Sitting on the fence may injure your posterior.

Fight to the end, that’s when most battles are won.

Fill your cup with good and your harvest will be plentiful.

Nothing is final except death.

Finish what you do or you will be a loser.

Fire destroys but it also creates.

Be firm but be flexible when necessary.

Being first is the only way to win a race.

A fish is lured by bait yet it has brains.

Fix a leak before it becomes a deluge.

If you have a flair for the dramatic, make acting a career.

Not every candle has a bright flame.

When fortune floods your life,build a dam around it.

Focus on what you do and you will succeed.

Force may be a solution but not the only one.

You cannot drink soup with a fork.

The fox may be wise yet it is caught.

Being free does not mean freedom.

A friend never lets you down except when you faint.

A gain and a loss are different but related.

If you expect a gale, be prepared.

Being gallant does not mean you have to be foolish too

Life is a game and you a mere player in it.

A garden is most admired when its flowers bloom.

If the way to your mind is a gate, keep it open.

Gather your thoughts together or they may run away with you.

Our gender may be different but we all belong to the human race.

Be generous when you can afford it.

A gentleman is not born but bred.

Get on with your life, it’s the only one you got.

A giant is measured by height and size not by brain.

A gift may also be a bribe, think about it.

Don’t gloat over fortune, misfortune may be just around the corner.

Gloom is darkness but only if you make it so.

We all seek glory but how many of us find it.

Treasure gold but beware of fool’s gold.

Let good pave the road along which you travel in life.

Government may be of the people but not necessarily for the people.

Grasp opportunity with both hands or prosperity will pass you by.

Greet fortune and misfortune with open eyes.

Bear a grudge and its burden on your mind will be heavy.

Guard your tongue and peace and friendship will surround you.

Kick the habit but not yourself in the process.

Hate should have an end or you will be consumed by it.

Half way there means that there is only half way more to go.

When using a hammer,be sure you hit the nail and not your finger.

If you bite the hand that feeds you, you may lose your teeth.

Being handsome is not always an attraction.

Be happy when you may, sadness is not far behind.

Harm comes in many ways and words can do harm.

Too much haste leads to accidents.

Think with your head not with your feet.

Its not what you hear that puts you in trouble, its what you say.

Get to the heart of the matter, you will save a lot of time.

Life is hectic when you are a busybody.

Pay heed to what’s around you and you will make progress.

You may be an heir to fortune but misfortune could be of your own making.

Help someone in distress and you will be rewarded many times over.

Hide from others but never from yourself

Thinking too highly of yourself makes you blind to reality.

Hit the jackpot when it is loaded.

Find a hobby that elevates you.

Hold fast to fortune, it can slip so easily through your fingers.

Every hole has a purpose.

Honey is sweet but the bee sting is not.

Be honest in what you do and you will sleep well at nights.

Honor is a foundation of character.

Hope is the sun in the darkness of our lives.

When you blow your own horn make sure the tune is pleasing.

A horse and a mule are related but each serve a different purpose.

A human failing does not mean you cannot not succeed in life.

Humility is the fist step on the ladder of achievement.

It is better to have an idea than none at all.

The situation is ideal when it makes you happy.

An idiot is not always stupid.

An idle mind produces nothing.

If only has two letters but it is a big word.

Ignore sound advice and you will fall by the wayside.

Be immune to a tongue lashing but never constructive criticism.

The imperative of life is living, get on with it.

Imperfect is as imperfect does.

An impetuous man is prone to danger.

Importance is one thing, self-importance is another.

Independence is a state of mind, independent action has limits.

Being inferior is magnified when compared to superior.

Be informed and you will be respected.

Inject humor when anger is boiling.

An inquiring mind is a treasury of knowledge.

Invention is the pathway to progress.

Do not build a jail around ambition.

Refrain from jealousy, it is a path to disaster.

Avoid jeopardy by thinking and planning ahead.

Never say in jest things you don’t mean.

Be a jewel that glitters not one that is dull.

When life is like a jungle do not become a beast.

Be joyous in good times and not so good times.

Life is a journey so be sure you know your destination.

When you make yourself a judge you make your mind a prisoner.

Do not jump too high, the fall may injure you.

A keen mind is a treasury of knowledge.

Keep your distance from danger and you will thrive.

Understanding is the key to progress.

Get a kick out of life and you will score many goals.

Show kindness to all and you will reap rewards.

Subjects love their king more than the king loves them.

Make success your kingdom and you will be its ruler.

A kiss is not always a promise of love.

Acquire the knack of doing things and your future is assured.

A knife has a sharp side and a dull side, know when to use each.

If you knock, you will know if someone is at home.

When you tie a knot, make sure it can be unloosed when necessary.

To know all about all is to fool yourself, not others.

Travel along the road of knowledge and you will be wise.

It is better to be the product than its label.

Never labor in vain, it will drive you insane.

If you plan ahead, you will lack for nothing.

To climb the ladder of success,make sure each rung is strong.

If you lag too much you will be a loser.

Be gentle as a lamb but not so you become lamb chops.


All RIGHTS RESERVED – Burnett A. Halder, April 2013

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