POEMS- by Peter Halder

POEMS- by Peter Halder

THE PRINCE OF PEACE – by Peter Halder

A lusty cry of birth was heard
Throughout the world that night
In Bethlehem was born Our Lord
In a manger filled with light

Heavenly stars lit up the night
Lowly shepherds awed at the sight
The Heav’nly Host sang Hallelujah
At the birth of Christ, Our Saviour

Divine blessings filled the air
To one and all came Holy cheer
Goodwill to men, peace and love
His birth brought us from above  

Let all nations sing and pray
The Prince of Peace was born today
Share joy, give gifts, be merry
Sing carols round the Christmas Tree

Let all nations sing and pray
The Prince of Peace was born today
To bring all hope, a new beginning
A Christmas Day that’s never ending.

LIVE IN ME OH LORD – By Peter Halder

Live in me Oh Lord I pray
Let me be thine night and day
Fill me with your heav’nly glory
Bless me with your tender mercy

Mould me in your Holy way
Teach me ever what to say
Guide me with thy Blessed Light
Every morning, noon and night

Shield me ever, keep me whole
Forever Lord preserve my soul
Thy will be done each day I live
And all my sins please forgive

Daily keep me from iniquity
Cover me with thy majesty
Lead me in the narrow way
Protect me ever , come what may

What am I Lord without thee
Who am I without your mercy
I live only at thy pleasure
In this life and the one hereafter.


A WONDROUS GIFT – By Peter Halder

Life is God’s wondrous gift
To me and all mankind
Each day will God uplift
My life and make it shine

God is my heavenly King
My heart, my soul, my everything
I live in the shadow of his wings
From him cometh all things

God’s glory ever shines on me
Filling me with Holy ecstasy
His will I’ll do more and more
Until I reach his eternal shore

He fills my cup with bounty
My barns are never empty
His rod and staff they comfort me
His hands doth guide my destiny

Bless the Lord with all your might
Praise Him every day and night
Thank Him for his wondrous lead
Honor Him in words and deed.


LIFE – by Peter Halder

There is a destiny in being born

A role to play from that first morn
A fate to be fulfilled over time
Rivers to cross and mountains to climb

The first sensation is that of touch
Embrace, kisses, at times too much
From a baby with eyes shut tight
To a toddler with the glory of sight

Life evolves into a world of delight
Child to youth, to love at first sight
Education, career, shape the future
In the show of life’s grand theater

Love and marriage continue the cycle
Ambition, children widen the circle
But not without many ups and downs
Smiles, laughter, tears and frowns

Life can be fair or it can be unfair
It’s a karma we all have to share
The prodigy of that first morn
Spun the destiny of being born.


BIRTH – By Peter Halder

Why I came I do not know
My mom and dad made it so
Why me and not another seed
Fate selected me in the deed

Birth is the alpha of living
An existence that can be happy and loving
It depends on what fate spins in all
Fame, fortune, long life or early recall

From inception we travel a long way
We know not whence or how long we stay
We think only of today and tomorrow
We look forward to happiness not sorrow

Let us not wonder why we came
To me its just all the same
Fortune, poverty, joy or mirth
Who cares a tittle at their birth.


YOUTH  – By Peter Halder

From a baby, mewling and crying
To an infant, walking and playing
Playing and laughing and talking
Growing steadily each day passing

The infant then in so many ways
Is moulded and trained for life’s highways
And then that stage of youth arrives
When natural urges increase and thrives

Strange as it may seem at that time
When life is becoming so sublime
Youth’s attention twists and turns
To friends and matters of strange concerns

The same eyes that first saw light
Now beam with a new and great delight
The same heart that beat in creation
Beats to a drum in another direction

The opposite sex becomes fascinating
As life’s melodrama goes on unfolding
Youth falls prey to the wiles of nature
And held hostage to an unknown future

The fact is, though not known to be
That the acts of youth fashion their destiny
And when the tenure of youth is o’er
The adult plays out life’s role evermore.


TOMORROW – By Peter Halder

The first feeling is that of touch
Hugs, caresses, kisses and such
Then there’s love, care, affection
Oft times too much to mention

But why complain, we all like it
And if not enough, we cry for it
We take time off to sleep and grow
Never wondering what makes it so

Then touch gives way to sight
And the glory of wondrous light
That brings us to a new awakening
Of the miracle of birth and living

At last we being to realize
What it is to be alive
What a beautiful world we see
What a feeling of great ecstasy

Happy with no thought of the future
Only the present gives us pleasure
Yes, it’s great to be alive and kicking
Enjoying the great experience of living.



There is so much to say
But alas there is dismay
At no being able to utter a word
How can being alive be so absurd

Everything takes time, it is written
And so it is for the first word spoken
From then on the voice box opens
In words, in songs and other tokens

As that yet another miracle unfolds
Two small feet yearn to be bold
So one day the first step is made
And walking becomes a stock in trade

To see, to touch, to walk a thrill
Each new day a challenge to fulfill
Sleep intervenes between the raptures
To guarantee we have all our desires

From milk to food to grow and develop
And give substance to what will not stop
For life is taking on a new dimension
The seed has taken a place in the nation.



More love, more affection, greater things
In the more tomorrows that life brings
Growing up becomes a daily feature
With the cooperation of Mother Nature

There is an eagerness that abounds
A bell inside that peals our sounds
The time of growing up is too long
What Ho ! The seed gets fit and strong

The miracle of life is not about urges
Nor is it about desire that surges
Inside the body of the growing child
Who will not treasure being mild

Time is the element that nurtures growth
And time it takes for youth to come forth
To wean and fashion the youth to be
And to destine his future for eternity.


REALITY – By Peter Halder

A black and yellow kiskadee
Sitting on the limb of a jamoon tree
Looked down from above and said to me
Tell me, noble human, what do you see?

I said : I see many things in front of me
Please tell me what you want me to see!
That’s the expected reply, the kiskadee said
Look down the road, dead ahead.

I looked down the road and said truly:
I see cars and vans, people walking slowly,
Buses and trucks, children going to school
Houses and stores, a cart drawn by a mule

If that’s all you see, said the little kiskadee,
I suggest you come and sit here with me,
Your eyes of course did not deceive you
But there is so much more you failed to view.

There’s unemployment and poverty to be seen
Hatred, enmity, greed and crimes that glean
Suffering, pain, torment, racial discrimination
Illness, disease and evils of a wide dimension

So if all you said you saw was all you could see,
The kiskadee said, you failed to see life in reality.


ALL RIGHTS RESERVED: Burnett A. Halder, April 2013

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