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E-Book – Tiger’s Birthday Party – by Peter Halder

Tiger’s Birthday Party – by Peter Halder

Halder Book- tiger'sPeter Halder’s third e-book, Tiger’s Birthday Party, has just been published and is now on sale at the and Smashwords, links below. It is a menagerie of seven amusing and entertaining animal tales, each of which has a moral for all.

Tiger’s Birthday Party ends abruptly when sloth, by name and nature, went to fetch water. Tiger’s Zeal proves its undoing. A lion sets out to kill and eat a wild boar but is taught a lesson in The Lion and The Wild Boars. A leopard uses Grace Before Meals to save a powis. A man learns that city tricks cannot help him To Catch A Monkey. In the Jaguar and the Wolf, a jaguar feigns death to catch a clever wolf but is outwitted. A male monkey seeks the help of a tiger to prove it is brave in The Monkey and the Tiger. The final treat in this enchanting book of animal fables is a Rhyme of The Impossible.

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Peter Halder releases his first two e-books – see links below

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My first two e-books, The Alligator and The Sun and The Monkey Wife have been published and are now on sale at Their links are below. Click on the links to view the book covers and the story lines. 

Peter Halder

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