A Halloween Tale – by Peter Halder

A Halloween Tale  –  by Peter Halder

    An evil witch, a sukunya, loved blood. A daily supply of it kept her alive. She lived in a cave far away from the city. In that way no one knew of her. She moved around at nights on a broomstick.

No one knew how old the sukunya really was. She had been around for a long time. Her head was a portrait of evil. Long tresses of gray hair reached to her knees. Two long ears, pointed at the top, looked like antennas. Indeed they were. She could hear movement for miles. She had thick gray bushy eyebrows and large, bulging red eyes that glowed in the night. Her nose was long and bony but wide spread at the end. That allowed her to smell blood from afar. Her lips were thin and reedy and all her front teeth were narrow and pointed at the ends. Her tongue was as long as that of a lizard and it simply loved the taste of blood. The sides of her mouth were blood stained. Her face was deeply wrinkled showing her age. Her arms and legs were long and bony and instead of fingernails, she had claws to rip the flesh off her victims. She drank animal blood but preferred the taste of human blood, especially that from children which made her feel young.   

She therefore could not wait for October 31 and Halloween when children were on the road at night, tricking or treating. Some were even dressed as witches which made the sukunya smile. She could easily pass for a trick or treater if she wanted to. She dearly wished to seize one female child whose blood would last for a couple of days. Also the disappearance of one would not be easily noticed and would not spoil her own evil to trick and treat for Halloween, especially if the child was never seen again.

And so on Halloween night, the sukunya put on her long pointed top hat, a long frilly black dress that reached to her ankles and black pointed tipped shoes. She picked up her magic broomstick, sat on it and said in a creaky, wheezing voice, “Magic broomstick take me high in the air where no one can see me but I can see them. We will fly around until I can spot a young chubby girl that I can seize and take home with me. I need not only her blood to make me feel young again but I am so hungry, I will devour her flesh as well. I am sure her flesh will be soft, juicy and tasty.”

Off flew the broomstick along a tunnel that led through and out of the cave. Outside, it flew upwards until the sukunya tapped on it and said, “This is the right height. Let us continue along it. When I see my meal and drink for the night, I will give you the signal to go to the ground below us.”

Six-year-olds Lily and Pansy were good friends. They lived on the same street, attended the same school and were in the same class. They decided to go trick and treating together. Fearful of the witches, demons and the many evil beings that were around on Halloween night, the father of Lily and the mother of Pansy accompanied the two chubby girls. They walked a little distance behind the children, allowing them space to interact and chat.

The sukunya saw the two chubby girls from her broomstick in the sky and smiled. “Aha,” she  said to the wind, “the girl in blue is my choice so true for dinner and blood tonight. I can’t wait to seize her. But there are two of them and they are walking hand and in hand. And the two adults behind them must be their parents. So I first have to distract them and immediately find a way to separate the two kids so I can seize my choice without anyone seeing what happened.”

So said, so done.

The sukunya caused a rush of wind to flow on the parents. The mother’s hat flew from her head and both she and the father rushed to recover it.

While that was taking place, the sukunya ordered her broomstick to land behind a tree near the sidewalk the two girls were on. She saw a wood rat, waved her hand and said, “Wood rat, wood rat change into a beautiful cat.” And so it happened. A beautiful cat appeared from nowhere and began to meow pitifully.

Pansy, nearest to the tree, heard the meowing and looked. She saw the beautiful cat and out of pity, loosed Lily’s hand and ran to pick it up. Lily lost sight of her behind the tree and the parents were still trying to recover the hat.

With a silent laugh of glee and all going according to plan, the sukunya directed her broomstick to where Pansy was and grabbed her with one hand over her mouth preventing her from shouting. She pulled the little girl on the broomstick and off they flew into the sky which now grew dark under the spell of the sukunya. The evil demon made good her escape with the chubby little girl in the darkness, unseen by Lily and the parents who by then had recovered the hat.

The disappearance of Pansy created a commotion and attracted a huge crowd which launched a search for her. It lasted throughout the night and the whole of the next day.   Pansy was never to be found.

The sukunya had her way once more on Halloween.


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