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Playing Marbles – by Peter Halder

Playing Marbles

by Peter Halder

Playing marbles was a popular culture and pastime for boys growing up in British Guiana in the 1940s and 1950s. It was played in the open spaces of home yards,  school yards, playing fields and across roads. It was variously called playing marbles, pitching marbles, pitching taw (marble) or “jummin” . The two most favoured varieties were “holes” and “jummin”. The games were played for fun or for buttons.


There were 1-hole, 2-hole, 3-hole and 4-hole games. Depending on what variety was played, one, two,  three or four, round holes were dug, circumference usually about three inches and not deep. A heel and sole of a boy’s foot were used to round and smooth each hole after a calabash of water from the standpipe was poured around and into them to soften the ground.  Continue reading


Alexander Alexander – by Peter Halder

Alexander Alexander

by Peter Halder

    Today, many poor, destitute and homeless persons in Georgetown sleep at nights on cardboards on the concrete pavements adjacent to stores.

    It is not the first time that it has happened. It occurred many years ago. And one man, a Scotsman, dedicated his life, at that time to making life easier for them. His name was most peculiar. It was Alexander Alexander.

    Alexander Alexander was born in Scotland. Fed up with life there, he decided to seek his fortune and future in one of the many British colonies. He chose British Guiana.   Continue reading

Incorrect Postings: Peter Halder s/b Norman Datt

Incorrect Postings: Peter Halder s/b Norman Datt

Please note that there were three incorrect postings in the name of Peter Halder namely:

1  Children of the Jahajis

2. I am a Coolie

3. Have we lost the Good Times Forever

These postings should have been under the name NORMAN DATT.

These errors will be corrected and the re-postings made under Mr. Datt’s name.

My apologies to Mr Halder and Mr Datt for this error which was mine.

Cyril Bryan  – Editor.  Guyanese Online