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Book Review: The Cat of Muritaro

Book Review: The Cat of Muritaro

August 25, 2013 | By  | Filed Under News

 Tales of Horror reap high marks
Critic: Dr Glenville Ashby
The Cat of Muritaro is a compilation of eight fantastical tales culled from the belly of Caribbean folklore. Peter Halder, a former journalist pens a fast-paced, gnashing and melodramatic oeuvre that will terrorise the young and innocent while tantalising the curiosity of occult aficionados.cat
Although the setting is Christianburg, Alberttown and Stabroek in British Guiana, the phantasmagoria belongs to every Caribbean folk who was spoon-fed with characters of the spirit world. Admittedly, this book is not for everyone. Some shy away from this genre for obvious reasons. But experience has taught me that the supernatural is part of the Caribbean archetype.
Hadler speaks to the reader in the vein of the griot, making ‘Muritaro’ a part of our oral tradition. His prose is lucid and unencumbered with the extraneous detail and flattery of creative writing. In the same breath it can be faulted for being a tad short on suspense, and light on the flavourful Guyanese argot that generates richness and authenticity.   Continue reading



Guyana Stories by Peter Halder


by Peter Halder

       I was deeply engaged in studying a file on a timber matter which I was to prosecute in court the next few days when I was interrupted  by a knock on the door of my room at the District Administration Office, Christianburg, Upper Demerara River.

Looking up angrily, I saw the Forest Ranger Berthold Baird open the door and push his head in.

Father Kilkenny is here to see you on an urgent matter,” Baird said.

“Okay, offer him a seat and tell him I will see him in a few minutes,” I replied.

I couldn’t concentrate on the file contents any longer so I closed the file and gave some thought to Fr.Kilkenny.     Continue reading

Nostalgia: Wismar/Christianburg/Upper Demerara River – updated

NOSTALGIA….Wismar/Christianburg/Upper Demerara River -updated

by Peter Halder

Christianburg was my home from 1957-1960. The time I spent there is still etched in my memory. It was an unenviable and unforgettable experience of what living in a mining area was like, especially when everybody knew everybody, and the males greatly outnumbered the females.

Christianburg was part and parcel of the Wismar-Christianburg- Silvertown- Silvercity- Wismar Hill area on the left bank of the Demerara River, opposite the then booming bauxite mining town of Mackenzie, now Linden. It was the District Administration centre for the Upper Demerara River District that extended from Kamuni Creek opposite and Princess Caroline adjacent to Atkinson Field, now Cheddi Jagan International Airport, southwards to Cannister Falls and the border with Brazil. An estimated 30,000 people lived in the Mackenzie -Wismar-Christianburg-Silvertown-Silvercity-Wismar Hill area.     Continue reading